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My Other Accounts

This is my original work

  • I love sharing ideas.
    Everything in my blog is my original work unless otherwise noted. Please enjoy but if you use my recipes, ideas, or photos kindly give credit were credit is due. Thanks.

Books I Love

  • Peter Mayle: Anything Considered
    I love mysteries that are witty especially when they are set in foreign countries. In this case France and Monaco. I like them even better when the blood and gore are kept to a bare minimum!
  • Patricia Wells: Patricia Wells at Home in France
    I love cookbooks that tell a story and this one is great. Sure there are a ton of recipes that I'd never make but her garlic aoli is to die for!
  • Beverley Nichols: Garden Open Today
    He is one of the most amusing garden writers I have ever read. This book was written in the 1950's and is an Anglophile's dream!
  • Julia Child: My Life in France
    I am currently on a Julia kick. I love the fact that she found her purpose and passion later in life and made life such a joy!

Alaska 2011

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    The Miss Alaska Pageant used the theme Pirates of the Carribean and my sister and I took them at their word! My niece Hannah and her friend Katy looked gorgeous that night. It was such a fun trip and I was thrilled to be in the mountains again...bear cubs, moose, frisbee golfers and all!

Birthday gift from recycled materials

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    This is a little gift box that I made from a large matchbox. I lined the striker panels and the inside with scrap paper, added ribbon, glitter, a fabric flower and an angel card. All of these materials were things I already had in my studio and the box is the perfect size for the little crystal bracelet I made to go inside. Fun!

Libby's Birthday Gift

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    This is a sketch book that I ammended to make a dream journal for my sister in law. The theme was butterflies because they represent transformation which is sort of what birthdays are all about! I used bits of saved scrapbook paper, rubber stamps, rubber stamp ink and my original photos that have been printed on a very thin and fibery piece of handmade paper. So thin in fact that you have to mount it onto a piece of typing paper with double stick tape to get it to go through the copier! Each decorated page is attached to the page behind it, making a pocket for storing images, clippings, photos etc. Finally, I sprayed each page with a matt varnish to keep the inks from coming off with use. It was a really fun project and I loved making it specifically for her!

My Back Garden

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    I took these photos of my back garden Memorial Day weekend. All of the cool weather and late rains have made for some very happy sweetpeas!

Russian River Rodeo

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    What a beautiful day out in Duncans Mills!

Trip to Colorado

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    Two of my favorite places in Colorado. One in the mountains west of Boulder and the Denver Botanical Gardens. Totally differant but equally wonderful!

Wrapping Paper Organizer

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    I have this fabulous old suitcase that belonged to my Dad. It's sturdy and the inside has these great dividers that make it perfect for organizing my holiday gift wrapping supplies! I like to keep all of it together and separate from my other gift wrap, so something like this is perfect. It also tucks easily under a desk or bed and it's much nicer to look at than a plastic box. Plus it gives me a smile when I remember my Dad and how much he loved Christmas.